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Why HLThee

HLThee® Weight Loss Program follows few simple steps to lose your weight in a healthy manner by having a balanced and nutritional dietary plan. HLThee is an introduction to a Healthier Lifestyle. It’s about being Healthy and Happy. Healthy eating is a pattern, use these simple steps to achieve a healthier diet.

"Look at your transformation DJ , thats 24.4kg removed. Though you are in India with all the restriction on food, you still stayed strong with the program and how amazing is this results."

Dhananjay Patel

What is included in HLThee's 30+30 days program


Meal Plan

HLThee® combined our Sports Science nutrition expertise with the right meals to come up with YOUR PERFECT PLAN. Each day includes three meals with two snacks and has a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You'll also get plenty of fibre from fruits, vegetables and other ingredients included in the plan. HLThee has custom made a meal plan to keep you feeling satisfied all day long.
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Food List

HLThee® has incorporate these healthy weight loss foods into your diet to burn more calories and at the same time to provide you with a balance nutritional meal. Choose your Foods from our Lists of foods for Weight Management. We have categories our food list based on 5 major food group. Food list has been simplified to help beginners to keep up with HLThee’S program.
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Supplement Requirement

HLThee® keeps your diet healthy and balanced with supplements as necessary to make your weight loss journey as smooth as possible.
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Exercise is very important in weight management. Increased activity levels increase the body’s fuel consumption (calories). Exercise does not always have to be strenuous or involve a gym. In fact there are many benefits associated with activities as simple as walking. Any activity which keeps you on your feet and moving is a beneficial one for your weight loss journey.
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Mentoring Support

Our trained mentors will guide you throughout your program one on one to make sure you achieve your desired weight results. Mentors are there to support and motivate you.
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"Completed 15 kgs within 3 months"

Kulwant Sanghu

It’s about being Healthy and Happy

Our program has been specifically made to cover

Gut Health
Healthy Eating
Weight Loss

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Our recipes

Delicious home cooked meal plans

  • Tasty recipes for maximum body fat loss
  • Formulated to keep you full between meals
  • Flexible meal plans to suit your preferences
  • Family friendly meals for both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian
  • Hundreds of delicious meals and recipes with simple ingredients
  • A daily indulgence keeps you satisfied
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"This is a life changing program. This program will teach you how to treat your body and how to live healthy life. I am more confident and energetic now. Thanks to You."



"Weigth Loss Success Story"

Shaila S