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    "I love this program and the community. Since joining I have never looked back. My lifestyle from then to now is so different. No migraines, normal blood pressure without medication and a wonderful active life. Anyone wanting to change their life, give this a go." - lost 25kg and achieved healthy BMI within 4 months"


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    "I had gained a lot of weight and the first thing that I thought I needed was a good mentor. While looking for one, I came across the HLThee and instantly joined it because of the home-cooked meal plan. I'm so grateful to my HLThee mentor for all her guidance and support to help me reach my weight loss goal." - Lost 46 kg in 3 months


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    "Look at your transformation DJ , thats 24.4kg removed. Though you are in India with all the restriction on food, you still stayed strong with the program and how amazing is this results."

    Dhananjay Patel

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    "Before starting off on HLThee, I tried quite a few things to lose weight but all went in vain. At HLThee, my mentor suggested me very effective diet and workout plan. I followed the plan diligently and managed to see some results. My journey with HLThee has been great and not over yet." - Lost 19 Kg in 2 months

    Kulwant Sanghu

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    "Thank you Subha for this lovely picture with your weight loss achievement of 18 kgs"

    Subha Krishnan

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    “I’m a busy mum and I completely lost myself to motherhood. I have not only found myself, but I’ve found love for myself again too.” - Lost 8.7 in one round of HLThee


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    "My fitness journey like any other felt tough and impossible initially. Today, after losing 11 kg I feel light and comfortable in my own skin!" - Lost 11 Kg in one round